Contribute Your Time and Knowledge

We are always in need of volunteer help. Let us know if you can help with physical work (cleaning, moving, decorating, repairing) or office work (research, databases, making calls, sending emails).

Or Volunteer your time and knowledge by tutoring in one of our education programs. We welcome both high school students and adults to participate.

We also need those in professional fields who can help guide and inspire our youths by becoming positive role models. Additional staff support is critical in assuring quality services continue to be provided.

Volunteer Your Time   Teach & Mentor

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Each month brings more events, more youths and another donation Wishlist. You may have just what we need.

September 2023 Wishlist

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Donate Musical Instruments

Used (or new) guitars, percussive instruments and pianos are needed for our growing number of young musicians. If you have musical instruments that are in good playing condition, we'd be happy to have them.

Donate Supplies

We are in need of any office, school or building supplies that you can offer. Please call the Center at (718) 450-3466 or contact us.